Welcome to the finances of the future

SafiMoney Wallet is simple, secure and convenient for money management. It’s flexible for payments and purchases at any registered point of sales or online. Load securely funds to your SafiMoney Wallet from someone else, your employer, your bank account or cash at our affiliate partner.


Why SafiMoney Wallet?

Manage your money digitally
Instant payments and withdrawals
Pay online using your SafiMoney account
Payments and purchases at points of sales
Withdraw funds from our partners
Load your account via cash deposit or from your bank account
Send or receive funds instantly from any other SafiMoney account holder
Your SafiMoney account and Wallet go hand in hand. Managing funds has never been easier.

Keep in touch with your community, share your experience and learn from the others, and you will even be rewarded for it with a special bonus.


Why the Bonus Program?

Earn money and/or increase your income
Share your experience and learn from other users
Be part of the valuable SafiMoney community
Keep in touch with your own community


Build a community while recommending our solution to customers, friends and relatives. Beside keeping in touch with them, you can even earn money or increase your income with a bonus of up to 12,5% on all sent transactions of your direct contacts and up to 7,5% on all sent transactions of their recommendations.
In order to receive a bonus, your recommendation must register via your generated link.
If you own a website, we can provide a banner or a personal link for registration on our SafiMoney platform. This provides an even more effective way to increase your community and thus your income.