About us


La Société Coopérative avec Conseil d'Administration MUtuelle Financière des Femme DYnamique du Camerounwas was born in Youndé in January 2003 from the will of a group of women who, aware of the difficulties experienced daily by women's groups and promoters of microphones and small companies to access the services of commercial banks and financial institutions have decided to regroup and set up a self-managed microfinance institution. The MUFFEDYC is a microfinance institution at the service of the populations and particularly of the active woman and the young person. Microfinance institution of 1st category, Accreditation N ° 914 / MINFI / of December 26, 2005. Registration National Credit Council N ° 006 / EMF / 2014


The COOPCA - MUFFEDYC and therefore all the cooperators adhere to the following values and cooperative principles:
- Voluntary adherence and open to all;
- The democratic power exercised by the co-operators;
- The economic participation of the cooperators;
- Autonomy and independence;
- education, training and information;
- cooperation between cooperative organizations;
- Voluntary commitment to the community;

Discrimination on the basis of sex or ethnic, religious or political affiliation is prohibited.

In addition to universal cooperative values ​​and principles, the co-operators of COOPCA - MUFFEDYC also adhere to the following principles:

- The principle of the dual quality of the member: associated with the capital and customer products and services marketed by COOPCA - MUFFEDYC. Access to its products and services is open to non-corporate customers, but they are intended to become so, when they meet the criteria defined by MUFFEDYC;
- The unsuitable nature of the reserves, which do not contribute to the value of the shares. They are the collective good of current and future members as well as the collective legacy of previous generations of members;
- The limitation of the remuneration of its capital to the average rate of remuneration of the savings accounts and the absence of rights of its members on the reserves, except possibility of incorporation of reserves to its capital;
- Taking into account a cooperative rebate policy in the study of the quality / price ratio with the members;

Our goals

1. Microfinance (collecting savings from co-operators and non-member users, granting credit to co-operators)
2. Microinsurance (Providing microinsurance services to its members and non-member users, developing a social welfare system for co-operators and low-income people
3. Provide financial and non-financial services to its members and non-member users
A This end, it will do the following activities:

Main activities
- Saving money and raising capital
- The granting of credit to cooperators
- The supply and promotion of complementary financial services to cooperatives and non-member users
- The promotion and supply of microinsurance products to co-operators and non-members

Main activities
- Cooperative Education
- The professional training of co-operators
- The provision of non-financial services to its members

Our strengths

• Adequate financial services
• Over a quarter century of experience in human resources management in women's associations.
• Qualified and competent staff
• A frame and a warm welcome
• Non-financial services adapted to the realities of our country and above all responding to the evolution of the world namely two structures of supervision of the young children of our members to prepare the succession (CEEDIE and CEJEDIE)


The social and steering bodies of COOPCA - MUFFEDYC are: 1. The General Assembly of Cooperators, supreme deliberative body
2. The Board of Directors, administrative and deliberative body
3. Specialized Committees of the Board of Directors, legislative or advisory bodies
4. The Supervisory Board, the internal control body
5. The Statutory Auditors, external audit body
6. The Directorate-General, body implementing and implementing the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors
7. Internal Control

Non-financial service

Governing Body: CEFDIE (Women's Circle of Dignity and Excellence)
Body annexes: CEEDIE and CEJEDIE
• Various training
• Arts and Crafts
• Capacity building of members
• Etc.