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Islamic savings account

Islamic finance, in accordance with Islamic law according to many jurisconsults and theologians, is based in particular on the prohibition of interest and the social responsibility of investment. It more closely links the financial profitability of an investment with the results of the associated concrete project. Islam prohibits both civil and commercial transactions using interest or speculation.

Savings account for individuals

Sometimes called booklet account, since it is materialized by a booklet held by the saver where are noted deposits, withdrawals and balances. It is a deposit of money at sight, bearing an annual interest.

A term deposit

A Term Account (ATA), or Term Deposit, is a bank deposit that can only be withdrawn at the end of a certain term or period. In return, the associated interest rate is generally higher than for a sight deposit where the sum can be withdrawn at any time. The interest rate on the term deposit is negotiated between the bank and its client. The interest rate can be fixed, or variable if it is pegged to the money market. The money must remain stuck for at least a month. Otherwise, the term deposit does not produce any interest.

Savings account association and GIC

It is an account that offers the possibility to associations to manage their daily cash by placing and withdrawing their savings.

Daily collection

The daily collection is a service offered by MUFFEDYC which consists of collecting, usually on the markets, the receipts of craftsmen and traders to deposit them in their bank account.

Cash voucher

The cash deposit is a term investment, which results in the delivery of a bond, registered or bearer. At the end of the placement, generally from one month to five years, the creditor is reimbursed the nominal amount and also receives the amount of interest initially fixed. Unlike bonds, interest on these debt securities is therefore not paid annually but at maturity. The interest rate increases in principle with the duration of the investment.

Particular Current Account

A particular current account is a bank account that allows you to make cash collection and disbursement transactions with a financial institution. The current account, also called "sight account", "checking account" or "deposit account", is the main account that connects you to your bank. It is the one that allows you to cash your wages and pay your daily expenses. The principal means of payment are attached to it. These can take the form of credit card, direct debit, checkbook or transfer. With the current account, you can cash funds via transfers or deposit checks and cash to the bank that will be credited to your account.

Company or Group Current Account

The company or group current account is the same as the current account, except that instead of an individual, it is an enterprise or a group.

School credit

This very short-term loan is intended to finance school expenses. As a result, it is a special credit that can only be granted during a fixed period of the current year.

Equipment credit

The equipment loan is a bank credit financing the goods and materials necessary for the operation and therefore the proper functioning of a business. For example, the equipment loan finances the purchase of operating equipment.

Accompanying credit

This credit concerns entrepreneurs carrying out agropastoral activities. She enjoys a differ

Crédit de consommation Consumer credit

Consumer credit is the category of credit granted to individuals by banks or financial corporations to finance purchases of goods and services, such as large expenditures on capital goods (automobiles, household equipment).

MUFFEDYC Express cash

Micro credit for all small entrepreneurs. The repayment terms of this credit do not exceed three months. This credit is available in 48h

Commercial Credit

This credit is for small and medium-sized businesses.

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